October to December 2014


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downloadThe Bodiy Resurrection of Jesus Christ, What Does It Mean To You?
(Boon Eng Loh 02/11/2014)

3.6 MB31:11 min
downloadThe Mind of Christ (cont.)
(Charlie DiPalma 05/10/2014)

6.1 MB35:49 min
downloadBible Study: The Mind of Christ (cont.)
(Charlie DiPalma 05/10/14)

4 MB34:47 min
downloadI Remember, I Recall to my Mind, therefore I have hope
(Joseph Lee 09/11/2014)

4.4 MB38:20 min
(Hao Shen Cheah 12/10/14)

19.5 MB42:35 min
downloadRespect for the Word
(Sam Wishart 14/12/2014)

3.2 MB28:01 min
downloadQuestioning God
(Quinting Le Roux/16/11/2014)

4.2 MB36:30 min
downloadThou Shall Surely Die
(Wally Crous 19/10/14)

2.5 MB21:34 min
downloadHow are we saved?
(Sam Wishart 21/12/2014)

3.5 MB30:52 min
downloadGod brought us together
(Shane White/23/11/2014)

3.3 MB29:05 min
downloadBefore the door closes
(Jaracz Heather 26/10/2014)

4.3 MB37:29 min
downloadThe Terrible State of the Loss
(Sam Wishart 28/12/2014)

3.3 MB28:36 min
downloadExercise for the Crown of Life
(Hao Shen Cheah 30/11/2014)

4.4 MB38:20 min