January to March 2014


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(Shane White)

5.2 MB22:39 min
downloadNew Vision
(Richard Lee)

3.7 MB32:26 min
downloadSalt is Good
(Richard Lee)

4.5 MB39:11 min
downloadThe Church as God would have it 2
(Lawson Mayo)

4.4 MB25:34 min
downloadThe 100 Degrees Christian
(Richard Lee)

3.1 MB27:16 min
downloadWhen the Lord departs from us
(Jaracz Heather)

7.5 MB32:39 min
downloadThe One True Church
(Lawson Mayo)

5.2 MB22:54 min
downloadThe church of Christ
(It's principle and its plea)

4.2 MB18:26 min
downloadCan one be saved outside of the church?
(Wally Crous)

1.7 MB14:58 min
downloadNo Escape from Eternity
(Lawson Mayo)

4.3 MB18:36 min
downloadThe Church Challenged
(Quintin Le Roux)

6.8 MB29:52 min
downloadModesty: Is your heart in it?
(Shane White)

6.1 MB52:55 min
download5 Questions About Worship
(Lawson Mayo)

5.6 MB24:21 min
downloadMatter of death and life
(Quintin Le Roux)

4.3 MB37:40 min