April to June 2014


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(Shane White 01/06/2014)

4.7 MB40:38 min
downloadWhat was done to them?
(Quintin Le Roux 04/05/2014)

3.6 MB31:13 min
downloadSeeking the Lord continually
(Joseph Lee 06/04/2014)

3.1 MB26:42 min
downloadWhy Rivers are Crooked
(Wally Crous 08/06/2014)

2.1 MB18:22 min
downloadJesus, the Son of God
(Boon Eng Loh 11/05/2014)

4 MB35:18 min
downloadWhen Jesus Shaved His Head
(Shane White 13/04/2014)

2.6 MB22:44 min
downloadRighteous vs Unrighteous
(Quintin Le Roux (15/06/2014))

3.3 MB28:29 min
downloadThere is only one Judge
(Jaracz Heather 18/05/2014)

4.2 MB36:19 min
downloadAm I Not the Happiest of Men?
(Boon Eng Loh 22/06/2014)

2.9 MB25:15 min
downloadThe Greatest Story
(Hao Shen Cheah 25/05/2014)

5.3 MB46:08 min
downloadThe Anatomy of Church Growth
(Hao Shen Cheah 27/04/2014)

4.1 MB35:29 min
downloadIs One Church as Good as Another
(Wally Crous 22/06/2014)

2.2 MB19:13 min